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Resources are available to help companies evaluate employee health, well being, presenteeism, productivity, and resilience. HIS also offers tools to help leaders obtain a subjective, 360-degree view of culture, as well as insight into how managers, supervisors and company leaders support healthy habits.

Health Assessment

To modify employee behavior and reduce health-care costs, employers must first attain a benchmark of health risk. HIS develops customized health risk assessments to help organizations and businesses understand what risk factors and chronic conditions face their employee population or a subset of that population. A summary of the process followed is noted below:

- Question set determined, and tailored responses for all possible response combinations

- Scoring algorithms for up to three conditions (e.g. cardiovascular, cancer, mental health) including an overall health score

- Scientific documentation/rationale to justify scoring

- Individual report – descriptions and features related to compiling results for each individual respondent

- Organizational report – descriptions and features related to compiling the results by organization


Senior Health Assessment (Age 55+)

This assessment measures unique features of the aging population. Examples include pain/pain management, functionality, medication compliance, nutrition/malnutrition, age and gender appropriate screening, loneliness and well-being. Personal reports are tailored by age and gender. Functionality and balance assessments are also available.

Financial Health

The Financial Health Survey (FHS) assesses present and future status of elements related to financial well-being. Questions are non-invasive, and do not inquire about actual finances. Instead, this tool uses more generalized items to measure financial health, financial personality, current financial situation, planning for a secure future, and financial literacy. The engaging personal report will assist participants with understanding that can help them demonstrate ability to handle financial strain, target and meet goals, and have control over choices. 

Financial and General Health

The Financial Financial and General Health Survey (F-GHS) assesses combines the FHS (See above) with our health assessment to demonstrate the relationship between physical health and financial well-being. The engaging personal report offers a financial health, general health, and combined scores. The personal report offers tailored feedback for both personal and financial health. 

Purpose Survey

The Discover Your Purpose Survey (DPS) assessment was designed to create a workforce that has purpose and direction. With this assessment you can help employees feel more empowered, gain satisfaction, and develop supportive surroundings of family, work, and community. The assessment covers five aspects of purpose: knowing, fulfilling, family support, purpose through work, and community involvement.  Having a sense of purpose can promote decision making skills, behaviors, and actions that support a meaningful life by developing feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, and enrichment. 

Purpose Mindset Profile

Developed in partnership with Onebody3, the Purposed Mindset Profile (PMP) is a simple and easy process that equips people to live a
life worthy of their calling through their thoughts, beliefs and actions. The Purposed Mindset Profile helps participants identify their purposed mindset by describing the way they process information and the strengths, values, stressors, and motivators that guide their purposeful
decisions. Out of this understanding, participants will know how to bring purpose to their behavior and be empowered to live “On Purpose for a Purpose”. 

Well-Being Index

Well-Being Indices (WBI) are supplementing, and in some organizations are replacing, health risk assessments. Other determinants of health beyond risk factors/chronic conditions, such as financial, social and community factors, are assessed through a WBI. It is suggested that a health risk assessment at least offer a WBI module.  A summary of the process to develop a WBI is noted below:

- Question set and tailored responses for all possible combinations

- Scoring algorithm for overall health score

- Scientific documentation/rationale to justify scoring and identified determinants used in the WBI

- Individual report – descriptions and features related to compiling results for each individual respondent

- Organizational report – descriptions and features related to compiling the results by organization


Health-Enhancing Environmental Evaluation

Work environments are often not conducive to healthy lifestyle practices, making it difficult for individuals to achieve improved health with meaningful results. A culture audit assesses the impact of workplace culture upon health practices. Learn More...


Productivity Evaluation

Health Improvement Solutions assists organizations with selecting a presenteeism instrument that best fits their organization. Distribution methods for the survey and strategies for maximizing participation among employees are also offered. Measuring presenteeism adds an important element to program evaluation, helping to round out and further clarify productivity loss costs associated with lifestyle-related health risks. Presenteeism analysis can be conducted periodically to demonstrate health-related presenteeism costs and savings.


Productivity Plus Survey

This validated self-report presenteeism instrument has unique differentiators from similar tools used in the field. Learn more....


Coping & Resilience

Highly resilient people have better physical and mental health. HIS has developed a web-based tool using a brief 11-item instrument to measure resilience across 5 dimensions: emotional control, sustained attention, positive outlook, flexibility, and self-confidence. Participants receive multi-level messaging/personal report, and an organizational aggregate report is also provided. The tool can be used as a health assessment component or a stand-alone instrument. Learn more...


Health Improvement Leadership Survey (HILS)

The Health Improvement Leadership Survey is used with senior leadership to assess how they prioritize their personal health, and assesses how leadership supports health habits of its employees through policies, actions, and influencing norms in the workplace. Results are scored under the "Personal Health" and "Supporting Others" headings, and a brief feedback report is provided to the participant to help senior leaders understand the importance of their personal choices, and their support of a healthy work environment.

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