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The Coping & Resilience Survey:


  • Is a confidential brief measure of resilience among employees​

  • Gives individual feedback - quantitative score, level of resilience (0 – 100 scale)​

  • Provides tips/strategies to strengthen personal resilience​

  • Presents summary feedback to management by department

  • Is brief (11 items), taking less than 2 minutes to complete

  • Has been tested as an accurate measure of resilience

  • Has internal consistency (.88) and established construct validity​

  • Flesch-Kincaid fifth grade reading level​


Five coping and resilience areas offer tips for building and strengthening resilience (low, moderate, high): ​


  • Flexibility: Mental ability for handling change/uncertainty​

  • Self-Confidence: Belief in self and ability​

  • Emotional Control: Ability to manage one’s mood/ emotions ​

  • Positive Outlook: Healthy attitude or confidence about the future​

  • Sustained Attention: Ability to stay on task with a positive mindset


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