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Productivity Plus Survey (PPS)

The PPS is a self-report presenteeism instrument developed by HIS and validated in conjunction with Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. The instrument has the following unique differentiators from similar tools used in the field:


  • Two recall periods - research has demonstrated accuracy of recall methods used among productivity instruments. Specifically, this instrument uses a 2-week recall because accuracy potential is greater with shorter recall periods. It also uses a one-year recall period because it is likely a more accurate representation of performance over the entire year.


  • Personalized feedback report – all other presenteeism instruments are one-way – data is submitted and nothing is returned back to the participant.  The PPS tool provides the respondent with a personalized report designed to help them understand the connection between their personal health choices and their everyday performance and overall quality-of-life.


  • Inclusion of a well-being section – the PPS reviews and monetizes the relationship between health risks/chronic conditions and productivity, yet it also contains a well-being section.  Correlation between well-being determinants of health and productivity are identified in the personal and organizational reports.   


  • Inclusion of a comprehensive list of chronic health conditions shown through the literature to be linked with performance.


  • Easily monetized using a salary conversion method and human capital approach; lost productivity as a function of percent-reduced performance and annual compensation.   

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