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Rajeev is the founder of A Happiness Coaching Center, a Transformative Leadership Coach & Global Speaker on Wellbeing and positive workplaces.  His focus is to Humanize Organizations & Leaders to Consciously-BE so that they can positively impact the world at large.  This can be achieved when we lead aligned teams to ensure they are happy.  His programs have been created and practiced by various organizations. However, he continues to develop sharper and more transformative experiences that do not only change mindsets, but empowers individuals to adopt a growth and resilient mindset, and live through purpose.


Rajeev is a Founder & Entrepreneur | Certified Transformative Leadership Coach | CEPPS Certified Consultant | Certified Barrett Cultural Transformational Tools Practitioner | Everything DiSC Workplace Certified Facilitator | Certified 5Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Accredited Facilitator | Certified in the Science of Happiness at work

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