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Behavior Change


To change complex behaviors, a comprehensive toolset is offered to simplify the process and enhance long-term success. These tools are user-friendly and intuitive for all users.  

CoachingPoints (CP) Software

The overall philosophy of the Coaching protocol is based on several strategies within and outside of the health field. This program takes the task of changing behavior and breaks it down into easy-to-follow steps that will help the participant accomplish their goal. The software was designed in an intuitive platform that provides unparalleled and instantaneous reporting capabilities, three levels of access, and several features to tailor the software and coaching protocols to fit your organization. Learn more...


Culture Change Operating Plan

Assessing the health culture within the organization can lead to valuable insights regarding the acceptance and success of the health improvement program. The HIS Culture Change Operating Plan provides specific action steps designed to achieve desired outcomes. The plan is tailored to the organization after a corporate culture audit has been conducted.


Management Training

This product is specifically designed to work with organizational leaders, managers, and supervisors by providing an ongoing measurement system and training on how to create supportive health-enhancing work environments.  Web courses, webinars, and onsite trainings can be used as delivery modalities. 


Why and How People Change Health Behaviors

This book provides a collection of inspiring stories from individuals who have made successful lifestyle behavior changes and maintained them for a significant period of time. This book was compiled with the intent to provide motivation and insight, assisting those who want to change or who are currently attempting lifestyle change. Learn more...


Peer Support Training

HIS has developed six 15-minute presentations explaining the universal principles for peer support – employees supporting one another with behavior change (choosing appropriate goal setting, locating supportive environments, overcoming barriers, identifying role models, working through relapse, celebrating success). Web courses, webinars, and onsite trainings can be used as delivery modalities. A version of the training modules via PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes can also be made available.


Peer-Led Topical Presentations

These 10-15 minute presentations are intended to be delivered by a peer or can be posted on video screens for employees to view. Topics include  Alertness/Fatigue Management and Metabolic Syndrome. A listing of related presentations is below:


Alertness/Fatigue Management: What is Fatigue?, Sleep Disorders, Sleep Need and Quality of Life, Sleep Strategies, Treatment for Fatigue, Shift-work and Fatigue Alertness, Coping with Life Stressors, Resilience, Depression, Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression, Effects of Untreated Depression, Fatigue and the Family, Napping, Fatigue and Worker Productivity, and Acute and Chronic Insomnia.


Metabolic Syndrome: What is Metabolic Syndrome, Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors, Abdominal Obesity, High Triglycerides, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Fasting Glucose, Tests, Prevention and Treatment, Importance of Physical Activity, and What to Expect From Your Doctor’s Appointment.


Fatigue Management Resources

We operate from the premise that proper length of sleep is one of the most critical factors affecting mortality and morbidity.  Demands at work and home as well as modern technology have a negative effect on sleep time.  Alertness affects personal performance, judgment, timing, mood, and professional/personal relationships.  All of these characteristics are needed at their highest level among employees.  To address the health and productivity issue of fatigue in the workplace Health Improvement Solutions offers the following four resources described below:


Dealing with Life Challenges: Fatigue Management, Stress, and Mental Health

This book discusses topics such as fatigue, sleep hygiene, stress, depression, and resiliency. The information is presented in easy-to-read schematics that provide useful information in a summary format.  The purpose of this book is to provide general education on topics that can affect employee health and productivity.  This book can be used in conjunction with behavior change or condition/disease management programs, as an incentive for program/event participation, or as a low-level intervention option. Learn more...


Sleep/Fatigue Assessment

This resource is available as the brief initial screening component to identify participants who could benefit from interpretations that specifically address sleep and fatigue modifiable issues. The assessment is available online and in paper format. Participants who are able to complete the assessment online receive a tailored-feedback report immediately.  For those who do not have web access, Health Improvement Solutions collects, analyzes, and mails individual reports to participants. Those identified as screening positive for a sleep disorder receive feedback on their potential condition and are encouraged to visit a Sleep Disorders Center for further review.  Those already diagnosed with a sleep disorder are encouraged to comply with their treatment regimen. 


Online Fatigue Management Tracker

The website allows participants the ability to track their sleep patterns and progress, as well as set specific goals.  The website also provides comparisons between the relationships of specific behaviors, such as physical activity, and sleep to illustrate the relationship between sleep and other modifiable health risk factors.  The information is presented in a visual graphic to the participant. Learn more...


Ready-Made PowerPoint Presentations

Related sleep/fatigue topics are presented in 10 minute modules. Each presentation is available with speaker notes, and is designed to be delivered at co-sponsored functions/meetings.  For example, these topical presentations can be incorporated into safety meetings. The presentations are also available on the fatigue tracker website. The participant can listen to a voice-over of the presentation or they can review the information at their own speed.

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