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Coaching Points - Health Improvement Solutions

The CoachingPoints software puts organizations in full control of the health coaching program. The software provides a flexible structure along with detailed protocols so you can begin delivering a health coaching program immediately. What makes this software unique is its flexibility, ease of use, and instant access to data.


The CoachingPoints software allows organizations to use the preset system as rigidly or as loosely as they choose. Users have the option to modify software functions and features including adding participant activities, building a user library, and linking to external portals. The major premise behind the CoachingPoints software protocols is to take complex and difficult-to-change behaviors and break them down into progressive steps. This helps participants feel comfortable and confident during their behavior change process.


Ease of Use
Organizations that license the CoachingPoints software maintain the ability to create and manage their accounts, hire staff, and develop their pricing structures. They also have the potential for absence management and Worker’s Compensation surveillance and reporting.


Access to Data
A robust reporting system is built into the software. This system provides the program administrator with the ability for raw data exports that can be used to answer pressing questions, monitor progress, provide billing, and oversee the program. The software also has the capability to create a comprehensive senior management report by populating a slide presentation template with the latest data at the click of a button.



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